School's Out Washington provides services and guidance for organizations to ensure that all young people have safe places to learn and grow when not in school

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Less than a Month until the 2014 Bridge Conference

The Bridge Conference brings together education and community leaders serving youth both in and out of school to come together to strengthen these partnerships between our formal education system and AYD programs. This year's theme is Making Learning Personal, emphasizing how meaningful learning is ignited by personal passion, supports social-emotional learning all the while building competency in academics. 

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Join us before Bridge to Launch a Weather Balloon with Youth

Come to Bridge a day early and engage in an amazing, youth-facilitated workshop where participants will learn, through hands-on participation, all the logistical & practical elements of one of the most amazing and awe-inspiring STEM projects available to our youth, launching a weather balloon!

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Impact Youth Breakfast Coming Nov. 14

School's Out Washington (SOWA) is planning our third annual Impact Youth fundraising event to help increase access to high-quality afterschool and youth development (AYD) programs in Washington. The breakfast promises to be inspiring as we celebrate 27 years of SOWA’s accomplishments.

Featuring Washington State Supreme Court Justice Steve Gonzalez.

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Easing the Transition to Common Core in WA Schools.

More than a million children in Washington are back in school, and students, teachers and parents are all adjusting to the new Common Core learning standards for English and math.

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