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Let’s Meet Tsengyang Vang

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tv-300It’s that time again! We’ve got a new employee, and it’s time to welcome her to the community!

Tsengyang Vang is the new “face” of SOWA, as she sits at the desk by our front door. As our Financial and Administrative Assistant, she not only is key to our financial functions, but also supports our Refugee School Impact Grant, and given where she sits she’s more often than not the one that answers the door.

If you’ve rung our doorbell over the last few months, chances are you’ve already met Tsengyang, but for the rest of us, let’s get to know her a little better.

Where are you from?

I am a native Seattlite who grew up in the southend, spending my formative years in Skyway, an unincorporated part of South King County.

What do you like to do in your own time?

I enjoy a lot of downtime which may involve staying in and watching movies at home, hanging out with my loved ones and close friends and discovering parts of the Northwest that I have yet to see.

What brought you to School’s Out Washington?

I have been very passionate about educational issues around cultural competency, quality and equity, as well as access to opportunities because of my own lived experience. This is why School’s Out Washington resonates with me. As a strong advocate towards the enrichment of young people through impactful services and guidance in fostering positive development, I am excited to be a part of SOWA!

Tell us one thing that you are proud of?

I am extremely blessed to have a community of friends and family who are truly kind, thoughtful, intentional and beautiful human beings.

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