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2019 Bridge Speaker Spotlight — Building a Movement

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In Looking Back, Facing Forward we invite you to explore, connect and share out the many strategies your program uses to elevate the field of expanded learning opportunities (ELOs). 

We cannot build this movement in isolation. How can we uproot inequities, nurture solid partnerships, and ultimately allow our communities to flourish?

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Two State Initiatives Impacting Kids

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In a few weeks, you’ll be receiving your ballots for the November 5th election. There are two statewide ballot initiatives that will or could have a big impact on children and youth in our state: Initiative 976 (which would restrict car tabs to $30) and Referendum 88 (Fairness in Education and Employment). SOWA’s Board has taken a position on both (No on I-976 campaign and Yes on the Ref 88/Initiative 1000) and below is more explanation. Note: 501(c)3 non-profits can take positions on ballot measures and initiatives (not candidates).

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2019 Bridge Speaker Spotlight — Healing Our Whole SELves

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This year’s theme Looking Back, Facing Forward asks us to breathe. 

To take a moment, breathe, and reflect on the stories that build our whole selves. 

How can we can heal and transform past traumas? And restore the voice of our communities? How can we intentionally step aside and allow our youth to weave whole new paths forward?

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Summer Leadership Academy Promotes Education, Entrepreneurship, and Empathy

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by Lex Gavin, Best Starts for Kids Program Quality Coordinator

When I arrive to the basement of the Holly Park Community Church where Empowering Youth and Families Outreach (EYFO) runs their Summer Leadership Academy summer camp, I happen upon a rare moment of quiet--all of the campers are across the street enjoying the newly renovated Othello Park.

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