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RFQ: Planning Consultant

Deadline for Submission:  Wednesday, April 19

School’s Out Washington (SOWA), is seeking a consultant to provide an in-depth planning process for developing the King County Best Starts for Kids (BSK) Out-of-School Time (OST) strategy and the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Planning activities will include the following: 

  1. Develop a framework for an in-depth planning process including engaging community partners to develop the OST strategy and the RFP processes for awarding grants to community partners;
  2. Articulate a theory of change and programmatic approach for the OST strategy;
  3. Prepare RFP and selection rubric, based on stakeholder input.


Agency Overview

SOWA’s mission is to provide services and guidance for organizations to ensure all young people have safe places to learn and grow when not in school. SOWA does not work directly with youth, but through an array of services strengthens programs to empower Washington’s children and youth ages 5 to young adulthood. As the leading OST intermediary organization in Washington State, SOWA is uniquely qualified to provide administrative oversight for the BSK Quality OST investment.


Goals for Planning

The King County Best Starts for Kids (BSK) levy will invest more than $129 million in student’s ages 5-24 years over the next five years. Increasing access to quality out-of-school time programs is a key strategy to address the approach of building resiliency of youth and reducing risky behaviors. As the County moves into the implementation process, SOWA will provide administration and oversight to the grant making and quality supports for Out-of-School Time investments of BSK. The outcome for the planning process will be to develop the OST strategy and RFP processes for awarding grants to community partners.


Timeline for Planning Process: April 2017 – June 2017

Scope of Work

Project Management

  • Develop and manage overall project timeline and objectives including communication/meetings with King County BSK team and communication/meetings with SOWA team.

Strategy Development and Implementation Plan

  • Provide framework for content development and facilitation of 3-4 community convenings;
  • Provide documentation to inform implementation plan;
  • Write program plan for OST strategy including summarizing input and direction gathered through community convenings, articulating theory of change and programmatic approach and including evaluation plan co-developed with King County BSK team.

RFP Process

  • Develop guidance document for RFP process;
  • Prepare RFP document and selection rubric.





 Required qualifications:

Total cost for the project will not exceed $40,000.

Interested individuals should provide a written response in no more than 2 pages which includes:

Email response to Mari Offenbecher (moffen@schoolsoutwashington.org) no later than Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 5:00 pm.   

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