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The Washington Youth Program Registry is a free tool and comprehensive database to support expanded learning opportunities, youth development professionals, and quality information for Washington State.

By joining the Registry, you will help to build a complete picture of ELOs in Washington State. Strong data means a brighter future for Washington’s youth!

The Registry is powered by School's Out Washington. 

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What benefits does the Youth Program Registry Provide?

Comprehensive Data: Paint the full picture of your organization, sites, programs, staff and quality data with one easy tool. Gain visibility into other organizations and program offerings available across the state.

Quality Assessments and Coaching: Enroll to receive quality assessments and dedicated coaching for your sites and programs. Access organization and observational reports, set goals to customize your own quality improvement plan, and track your progress over time.

Empowering Reports and Analytics: Generate reports and visualizations for your programs, organization and quality data. Tell your unique story and support the case for grant and resourcing to build quality. Uncover meaningful insights for informed decision making.

Who benefits from the Registry?

Everyone! Analyses performed on youth demographics, program content and site service gaps will allow organizations to better understand their current offerings and needs. Individuals will be able to use the Youth Program Registry to maintain their employment history if they move between organizations.

All of the information contributed to the Youth Program Registry will be used to help unify the field of youth development, link organizations, sites, programs and professionals, and provide users with access to the tools they need to continue providing quality programs for Washington’s youth.

The Youth Program Registry is a part of The Sparkwind Movement, a campaign aimed at providing equitable opportunities for youth across Washington to build lifelong skills, improve academic performance, and discover individual passions.

Registry Guides and FAQs

Get Started

Visit youthprogramregistry.org to learn more and begin the registration process.

Organizations, sites/branches, programs, and youth professional individuals may all register and each application only takes 10-15 minutes. For more information on what you need to get started, check out the Registry Quick Start Guide (PDF).

Please don’t hesitate to contact registry@schoolsoutwashington.org with any questions or if you need clarifications on the registration process.

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