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Building Resiliency: Working with Students Exposed to Stress and Trauma (Seattle, Jun 5)

Participants will learn the impact of trauma and insecure attachment on developing brains, tools for building children’s resiliency and strategies to build positive relationships. 

Participants will: 

  1. Gain an understanding of the neuroscience behind trauma and attachment.
  2. Enhance their “radar” about trauma and attachment.
  3. Have three tools to build relationships and improve outcomes for youth exposed to stress and traumaThis Workshop is 

This Workshop is Held In Partnership with Sound Discipline

In 2007, Sound Discipline began with an ambitious dream of a group of Positive Discipline facilitators working with schools and families: What if every classroom could be a community that welcomes all students and offers opportunity for learning life skills in addition to academic rigor? What if every parent or caregiver had access to the support they needed to become the parent they want to be? Today, that dream continues to be brought to life through our dedicated team’s work offering tools to help schools and families build respectful relationships. In 2016, we served 32 schools across Washington. We trained over 5,000 educators in trauma-informed practices and Positive Discipline. These educators, in turn, teach 100,000 students; gradually shifting their practices to help young people feel more connected while they learn. By 2021, Sound Discipline will be serving 100 schools in Washington State, helping educators open opportunities for the young people who will be our leaders of the future.

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