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Cultural Responsiveness (CT: Best Starts for Kids, Aug 1)

STARS Credits: 3

This offering trains professionals to understand and implement the guiding principles of Cultural Responsiveness: Quality programs respect and are responsive to the diversity of program participants, their families, and community. 


  • Define terms of power, privilege, equality and equity issues that impact youth;
  • Learn the characteristics of inclusive, welcoming, and respectful environments for all youth;
  • Begin recognizing best practice behaviors; and
  • Discuss ways to incorporate aspects of Cultural Competency and Responsiveness into your program.

Core Competency Content Area ?

Intended Audience

This workshop is recommended for Levels 1-3 (intermediate) Child and Youth Development Professionals and will focus on Content Area IX: Cultural Competence and Responsiveness in the Washington State Core Competencies for Child and Youth Development Professionals.