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Emotion Coaching (Tacoma, May 6)

STARS Credits: 3

By building knowledge of emotion coaching, and developing skills that teach youth to identify and safely manage their emotional experiences, youth workers can deepen the meaning of their work and promote positive skill building with them.  In this interactive session, participants explore the ways our culture and personal histories can influence our understanding and interpretation of emotions; identify best practices for facilitating effective emotion coaching; and practice skills that support young people to accurately name and navigate their emotions.  Additionally, participants will plan next steps for incorporating these concepts into their work with young people.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the framework for SEL generally, and where Emotion Coaching fits within the SEL Methods.
  • Explain the value that incorporating and modeling emotion management and emotion coaching brings to their youth and programming.
  • Recognize the ways social identities and bias impact interactions with their youth and programming.
  • Practice motivational interviewing skills that model empathy as well as encourage youth to accurately name and safely express emotions.
  • Identify best practices for supporting emotion management and emotion coaching in youth programming.
  • Plan next steps for incorporating concepts learned about emotion coaching with their youth and programs.

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