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MANGO Math presents Problem Solving! (Seattle, Aug 24)

STARS Credits: 3

Problem Solving is the key to developing resilient mathematicians and lifelong learners. Strong problem solvers have positive attitudes towards math, are given opportunities to think through problems and have a basket of strategies in which to draw from to find to solutions.

This training session will provide the latest research on math learning, what educators can do to improve students attitudes and abilities, and lesson you can implement into your programs right away. Participants will be provided strategies for working with struggling students and how to create a positive learning environment. Participants will work together on problems that address the different strategies that students can tap into to solve a problem; guessing and checking, acting it out, drawing a picture, using logic and reasoning, making a list/table, and looking for patterns, as we model teacher interaction. 


  1. Learn latest research and apply it to their program.
  2. Learn strategies for working with students of different abilities.
  3. Learn how to enhance students’ problem solving skills.
  4. Learn games to reinforce problem solving skills.

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