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Online 30 Hour School-Age Basics (Initial Requirement)

STARS Credits: 30

School’s Out Washington offers an affordable online training program to fulfill your 30-Hour Initial STARS credit requirement for expanded learning opportunity providers working in the Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) licensed school-age programs.     

This online-only course can be taken on your own time wherever you have internet access and aligns with the Washington State Core Competencies for Child and Youth Development Professionals, National Core Competencies developed by the National Afterschool Association, and Washington State Quality Standards for Afterschool & Youth Development Programs.  

Access the Online Training Platform

[Please wait up to 2-3 Business Days for your registration to process. If you still have not received the Account Log-In Invitation, please contact training@schoolsoutwashington.org]

Once you have ordered your registration on the School's Out Washington website, you will receive a separate email inviting you to create an account on the Online Learning Platform via Collabornation.net.

Fulfills DCYF-Mandated Requirement    

New employees at licensed school-age care programs must meet initial training requirements outlined by the DCYF’s child care licensing rules pageThis online course meets all requirements set by the State of Washington, as well as our In-Person 30-Hour School-Age Basics courses

Scholarship for Licensed Programs:  

Scholarships to offer FREE training for the 2019-2020 contract year has been renewed. Thank you for your continued participation in our workshops, and to our partners at DCYF!


If you have any questions about how the online learning course will work, please contact training@schoolsoutwashington.org