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SLPQA External Assessor Reliability Training (Tacoma, June 22)

The Summer Learning PQI is a version of the YPQI designed to provide standards for summer learning program quality, a measure against those standards, and a series of training and technical assistance supports for quality improvement. The Summer Learning PQI is built around the new Summer Learning Program Quality Assessment (PQA) tool.

What does the Summer Learning PQA Measure?

High quality summer learning programs must first of all be high quality youth programs. The basic structure and standards of the research-validated Youth PQA are present in the Summer Learning PQA as foundational measures of program quality. In order to enhance the ability of the tool to measure broader programmatic elements that are unique to summer, elements of NSLA’s Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP) are also integrated into the new tool. With this understanding that effective summer programs employ positive youth development practices in addition to incorporating academic skillbuilding, the Summer Learning PQA contains the scales indicated in the list on the right. Those who are familiar with the Youth and School-Age PQAs will notice that there are new scales reflecting positive youth development-based standards for academic instruction, particularly in the Engagement and Academic Content Area domains.

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