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Youth PQA External Assessor Reliability Training (Seattle Parks & Rec, Oct 23 & 24)

This workshop gives participants practice using the Youth PQA and increases their accuracy in observing and scoring. The bulk of the workshop consists of practice video scoring. Participants who successfully achieve acceptable levels of reliability (80% at the item level) through a video reliability check become “Endorsed Assessors” and are able to collect “research quality data”.  

Who should attend? 

Anyone who will be conducting external assessments as part of a quality assessment and improvement process should attend this workshop. This workshop is also recommended for coaches or network advisers that will be working with sites to complete the self assessment process or to implement improvement plans. 

All participants must complete Youth PQA Basics (live or online) prior to attending the External Assessor workshop. Additionally, it is highly recommended they complete at least one practice observation at a local program. Both of these will help prepare participants for the intensive video practice included in this workshop.


By the end of this training you will be able to: 

  • Understand how Youth PQA and SEL PQA are similar and different. 
  • Understand intent and purpose of new SEL PQA items and scales.
  • Practice scoring new SEL items.

About the Instructor

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